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Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Kayla Wickes, now a NYC based artist, has been honing her craft for the past several years. Originally a Musical Theatre performer, Kayla blends her passion for music and the nature she was surrounded with into every piece.

She uses complex layering of acrylic paint to create a texture that imitates the agriculture in the countryside of the Hudson Valley, occasionally using charcoal and gold leaf to accentuate and exaggerate the beauty of nature. Her technique is fast paced and emotional, which creates visuals that encapsulate movement and musicality. 


"I went through childhood, high school and college thinking my life would end up like one thing. I had very specific dreams that left no room for anything else; no flexibility. I went through relationships hoping they would fit into the fantasy of what I thought my life should be. I moved into new apartments, learned to like different bands, made friends with some people that I absolutely shouldn’t have; all in the search to figure out what I liked and didn’t like. It’s only now I’ve figured out that planning your life based on a fantasy is extremely limiting and leaves no room for spontaneity. 

I was terrified to let go of that fantasy life that I’ve clung to since childhood. But now that I finally have, and accepted myself as is (flaws and all… a lot of them) I can safely say that I am living exactly how I want to and it is a life that I completely did not plan; that’s what I want my art to portray. The constant layering of fantasy plans, only to realize the piece is finished when you have enough layers to create something that is complex and textured, while keeping some of those past choices uncovered. These choices were made during spots of intense self-deprecation, yet are now part of a complete piece that proudly displays the choices that you once thought were wrong, are beautiful too. The piece is finally finished and completely unplanned."

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