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Kayla recently starred in the series "Becoming Jiff" which was just picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films and is now streaming on Amazon Prime! 

Watch the trailer here then tune in with Amazon to binge! 

The Silvers Brother have been named "Best new comedy writers" by Stage 32. 

Executive producers of Becoming Jiff are Sundance Award Winners! 

Created by Forrest Silvers & Tyler Silvers

Written & Directed by Forrest Silvers

Executive Producers: Marlen Hecht, Dean Silvers, Forrest Silvers, Tyler Silvers

Starring: Tyler Silvers, Kayla Wickes, Erick Zamora, James Patefield, Rick Zahn, Martin Harvey, Alexis Collins, Travis Artz.

Distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films

Kayla just booked a lead role in Ryan Caraways new feature film "The Bowery Is Down/ Lovers of the Week." 

will be produced by... 



shooting February, 2019

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